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3 Day E-file Manicure & Gel Overlay Training

3 Day E-file Manicure & Gel Overlay Training

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✨ Safe removal;
✨ Shaping;
✨ E-file manicure;
✨ Common mistakes when performing gel overlay;
✨ Choosing the correct products;
✨ Gel overlay - Apex;
✨ Perfect colour application.

    We will also include Free Bonus Learning Blocks covering:

    ✨ The sterilisation;
    ✨ How to set up your workspace;
    ✨ How to take pictures of nails like a Pro.

      This entire 3-day training will also consist of a Theory Block that outlines crucial elements and comes with a Detailed Booklet that guides you step by step through the training module—yours to keep.

      In addition, we will even organise 5 Models to practise and enhance your new skills!!

      On completion, successful students will be presented with an Official Nail Artistry Melbourne Graduate Certificate outlining the course completed.

      So if you've ever had an interest in nails and wanted to learn from a True Professional reserve your seat NOW.

      Prerequisite for the course:

      • Suitable for NEW and  ESTABLISHED Mail Tech.

      Reasons for choosing this course:

      • You're a Beginner and an Established Nail Tech and wish to further your skills,
      • You would love to learn how to perform Efile Manicure with Great Gel Overlay application,
      • You've always wanted to sharpen your skills in how to provide safe services without damaging clients' nails,
      • You are already in the industry but would love to improve the quality of your finished product,
      • Your goal is to start providing services that will build your clientele list and generate an increased income,
      • Or simply you would just like to have some fun and learn a new skill set.

      Spots are limited, so contact us ASAP to secure your spot or book online now.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      Jessica Jesensek
      Efile Manicure and Gel Training

      I had been thinking about enrolling in a nail course for quite some time, but nothing jumped out at me, until I found Angelina's Instagram page. Looking at Angelina's work, it was clear that she was not your ordinary nail technician. Even prior to signing up, Angelina was super responsive and answered any questions that I had. I finally enrolled into the next available course and it did not disappoint.

      Being a school teacher and having no prior experience working with nails, Angelina was there to support me every step of the way. From learning about correct hygiene practices and sterilisation, to safe use of the Efile and perfect builder gel application; I gained so much knowledge and experience throughout the course. Angelina is a master nail tech who pays close attention to detail, ensuring that all trainees are offered the education, tips and care they need to be successful.

      I am delighted that I chose Angelina - thank you! <3

      Hannah Kandil
      Angelina a beacon of knowledge ❤️

      I completed the 3 day course with Angelina at the Nail Artistry. I am originally from a finance background and had a baby around 2 years ago. The thought of going back to the office and leaving my baby in childcare was giving me anxiety, I thought what better way to be at home and also provide an income. I’ve always been fascinated in the art of nails and for the past year I have been going back and forth with Angelina and others business to work out who was the right fit. Angelina just really stood out to me. She was always responding to my questions and concerns so promptly.

      I was a complete beginner when I stated the course I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Angelina really assisted me with understanding both the theory and practical aspects of how to execute the most amazing nails.

      During the course I learned how to do BIAB on 5 clients, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to get to that stage. I was actually quite nervous at my first attempt of using the drill but Angelina was always right by my side. See below some of my work during the course.
      She provided guidance throughout each and every process. I’m so grateful that I choose her course, I honestly had such a blast.

      If you’re looking for a course that is comprehensive and engaging this is the course for you - I wouldn’t bother looking at any other business.

      Thank you Angelina, I appreciate all that you did for me within the course and the guidance you continue to provide you are a beautiful soul.


      I had an amazing experience with Angelina and her team, from the moment I enquired about the course to well after its completion. Angelina was always there to answer questions, offer guidance, and share her expertise, ensuring any concerns were promptly addressed.

      Thanks to the course, I now feel confident using an e-file. Angelina's approach simplified the technique, prioritizing efficiency over unnecessary tools often seen on social media.

      I truly appreciated the practical skills gained during this course and look forward to attending more in the future. 💕

      Belinda Esmerian
      100% recommend

      I highly recommend the 3 day gel overlay training course, Whether you are a beginner or have been in the Nail industry, there's always so much more to learn. Angelina taught me so many Little tips and tricks that I now use daily in my salon. I have been a nail tech for over 20 years and only specialised in acrylics. I fell in love with the look of the BIAB so i decided to choose Angelina's course and im absolutely thankful I did .

      Albina Bekmansurova
      I fell in love with gel Polish

      I took a course "3 day E-file Manicure & Gel Overlay Training" with Angelina.
      About two years ago, I attended a course and initially thought that one day would be sufficient for me. However, I am so glad that I decided to attend the three-day course! Angelina was a professional coach with a great sense of humor, which was very important to me. All three days flew by without me noticing. The other students on the course were also very nice, and we did not want to part. Angelina kept us in good shape throughout the course, providing us with a lot of valuable information that I use today.
      The most important thing was that Angelina shared her many years of experience with us, and she did not care about how we owned tools and materials.
      I was initially skeptical about this gel polish. I felt like I couldn't handle it, but Angelina worked hard to help me see its potential. She provided me with materials that were suited to my style of work, and as I began to use them, I started to fall in love with the product.

      It's worth noting that Angelina puts a lot of effort into practice. We each had five clients during the course, which helped us to better understand the techniques that were previously challenging.To this day, Angelina remains in contact with us through the student group. If you are considering attending a course, I highly recommend Angelina. You will not regret it!
      Thank you so much for the excellent course and for the time we spent together!!!