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UV-LED LAMP Sun 1 for manicure and pedicure

UV-LED LAMP Sun 1 for manicure and pedicure

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SUN1  is  a hybrid UV/LED lamp for manicure of a new generation from the world famous manufacturer of LED lamps SUNUV. The light of the lamp is safer for the skin of your hands, nails and eyes.

Manicure lamp SUN1 48W is used for polymerization of gel polish and gel. Every detail is carefully thought out. The lamp fits perfectly with partial volts and can last up to 50,000 hours. This is especially important for a beauty salon with a large flow of clients.

  • tension  -  48 W;
  • 30 LEDs;
  • timer buttons for 5 sec, 30 sec and 60 sec;
  • robot mode without selecting a timer  90 seconds;
  • Infrared hand sensor;
  • metal bottom with magnets;
  • Up to 50000 hours 
  • color  -  white;
  • dimensions  15 cm x 19 cm x 8.5 cm;
  • Weight - 0.6 kg.
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